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18 Mar What To Bring Aboard

Whatever trip you book, you’ll need to be properly kitted out. In this latitudes, even during summer, the clothes you bring are a vital part of your safety gear.

The table below is the minimum you must have before you step aboard. Every trip includes food and beverages so you won’t have to worry about packing provisions. If you have a favourite snack or drink, let us know before you arrive and we’ll be sure to have it on board!


The usual. Make sure you've got sunscreen, lip-balm, hand and face cream to last the trip.

Wet-wipes are aboard as is toilet paper but any other personal items you can't live without you'll have to bring.


Make sure you bring any prescription medications you require.

Bring along any non-prescription drugs you might be taking, especially allergy medications. If you have a favorite sea-sickness remedy, bring that as well.

Outdoor Clothing and Gear

You'll need a complete set of proper foul-weather gear. That means tops and bottoms.

Seaboots of course and some form of protection for your heads. You'll want to keep them warm during the wee hours of the morning while you're standing watch!

Sun glasses, sun hats (in case one blows away), and two layers of wool or fleece to wear under your wet weather gear. Yes, two layers!

Lastly, you'll need to bring along at least one lighweight rain and wind resistant set of fleece (or similar) tops and bottoms.

Inside Clothing and Gear

Computers, cameras, iPods/iPads, phones are likely to get weight so bring electronic items at their peril.

Space is limited aboard so whatever items you decide to bring to wear or use while your down below and not exposed to the elements will have to fit into 1 small seabag.

If in doubt, it stays out!

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